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Succession Planning

  1.  Why Succession Planning
  2. The Who, What, How of Succession Planning
  3. Create Effective Communications Methods
  4. Identify Stronger Methods of Communicating
  5. Succession Planning: Starting the Conversation
  6. Creating a Volunteer Emergency Succession Plan
  7. Creating a Staff Emergency Succession Plan
  8. Succession Planning = Leadership Development
  9. Never “Fire” a Board Member Again
  10. Creating Healthy Leadership Transitions
  11. Getting Ready for CEO Transition
  12. The Pitfalls of an Interim CEO
  13. New Leaders Bolster Agencies
  14. Creating Pathways for Engaging Volunteer Leaders
  15. Let’s Ask Oprah to Join our Board
  16. Tough Transition Board to Staff
  17. Believing in Staff leads to More Services for Clients in Need
  18. Transition with Grace
  19. Expand Capacity the Secret to Transition Success
  20. Board Members Connect with Donors
  21. Honor Exiting Leaders
  22. Develop a Plan
  23. Exploring CEO Salary
  24. Leaders Reinvent
  25. Executive Structure After Transition
  26. The First Staff Member

Using Social Media to Engage Leaders

  1. Agencies Market to Fulfill Need
  2. What is Your Message?
  3. Beyond Like to Engage
  4. The How To’s of Social Media
  5. Why Posts are Shared
  6. Don’t Forget the Website
  7. Raising Money Through Email
  8. Creating an Effective Database
  9. What are Leaders Interested In
  10. Using Social Like the Pro’s
  11. Engage MORE Leaders to Develop Diverse Revenue Streams


  1. Revenue ABC’s Ask to Individual Giving
  2. Revenue ABC’s Jewelry to Relationships
  3. Revenue ABC’s Stocks to Zealous

Volunteer Development

  1. Great Leaders are No Accident

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