Webinars & Speeches

November Webinar- 11/15/2017 11:00 Central Time

Shattering Silos: Using Technology to Build Bridges Between Finance and Development

Are you Finance and Development departments operating in silos and not collaborating effectively?
Don’t you wish there was a technology bridge connecting the two departments in your nonprofit together?

This exclusive webinar will explore ever-changing technology, ensuring new products do not further divide Development and Finance.

  • What are the critical questions your organization needs to consider when evaluating new technology?
  • How can new tech products be set up to ensure efficient and effective use

    The conversation will cover best practices to ensure organizations leverage these exciting new tech opportunities and databases to generate revenue, and ensuring systems are used to improve the function of both Development and Finance departments without duplicating efforts or triggering friction between the two.

Join us for this thought provoking webinar. Here is the registration link!

August Webinar- 8/30/2017

Development is from Mars and Finance is from Venus

Are you concerned that your Finance and Development teams do not collaborate effectively leading to financial inefficiencies, restricted funding and audit irregularities?
Help is on the way! 
In collaboration with Accounting Expert, Quatrro’s Not-for-Profit Division Vice President Larisa Morrison. This exclusive webinar, tailored to address the needs of the nonprofit community, will not only highlight actual cases of nonprofits getting into trouble due to ineffective communication between internal departments but also shares best practices to mitigate these challenges and thereby improve donor funding and audit compliance practices.
Did you miss it? Here is the link to the recording!
Past Speeches

Keynote Speaker- Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Western PA Chapter

  • September 29, 2016
For almost three years, the State of Illinois did not pass a budget leaving many nonprofits without state government revenue streams. Unfortunately, this is a trend nonprofits across the country are experiencing.
Pennsylvania Nonprofit leaders invited Gayle to discuss this trend and identify strategies for success in this new reality.
Gayle Nelson provided a keynote for our annual symposium focused on “Building Budget Resilience: Grant & Development Strategies for Financial Survival” sponsored by the Grant Professionals Association-Western PA Chapter in September 2016. Gayle prepared and delivered an exceptionally well-researched presentation on the impact of Pennsylvania’s long-standing legislative stalemates, and offered thought-provoking nonprofit development strategies for these politically challenging times. 
Katherine F.H. Heart, GPC, M.Ed., Founding President, GPA-WPA Chapter
As a Pennsylvania attorney, working mostly with nonprofit, exempt organizations, I benefited greatly from the expertise and insight provided by Gayle Nelson.  Gayle’s experience in leading nonprofits through tough economic times, and in planning for advocacy and alternative strategies provided for an insightful, practical and extremely helpful tutorial at the Grants Professional Association-Western Pennsylvania Chapter Symposium in 2016.  I was honored to share the agenda with Gayle at this symposium and more than one year later, still hear from clients who enjoyed her useful and information-filled presentation. 

Susan Alexander Ott, Esq., Owen & Conley, LLC

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