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Latest Article published: August 7, 2017

Patents and Profits in a Public Setting: Who Should Benefit Financially?

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In 2014, universities held 5898 patents grossing $2.2 billion. Is this new revenue source fair and is it the most effective method of encouraging innovation?

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The 16 Ways Your 990 Informs on You

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Many nonprofit leaders leave their 990 to their tax professional. But many donors are examining it as part of their due diligence. Nonprofits utilizing their return to educate and clarify can lead to increased revenue and donor engagement.


The Built-in Risk of Growth in Government-funded Nonprofits

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Since government grants rarely fund all of the program’s costs, the growth they fuel is often unsustainable. When funding is disrupted, organizations have little choice but lay off staff.


New Open Road Philanthropic Project Takes On Nonprofit Project Derailments

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Much of the world’s poorest people live in areas full of conflict and instability creating increased risk of project success. A group of prominent large foundations and advisers created a new resource facilitating smart investing.