Gayle Nelson Esq.

Gayle Nelson, Esq is a leader responsible for raising millions of dollars for diverse nonprofit organizations.  Since over three quarters of revenue flows from individuals, Gayle begins her work expanding organizational capacity by coaching leadership on development best practices and engaging new volunteers. In addition, she reaches out to major and younger donors planning exciting events and increasing visibility utilizing crowdfunding, social media tools, and traditional media outlets.

With a strong network and knowledge of philanthropy, Gayle coaches organizations of various sizes on opportunities to increase revenue from Donor Advised Funds (DAF) and planned giving vehicles as well as public and private foundations. Additionally, she often writes proposals funding new programs and develops earned income revenue streams.

As an attorney, Gayle is also an advocate, partnering with nonprofits to enhance their relationships with government leaders to pinpoint community need and promote agency services. To ensure activities lead to thriving organizations and long-term sustainable growth, Gayle utilizes her financial acumen to partner with Boards and finance staff to build comprehensive program and agency budgets. Finally, she is a highly respected speaker on diverse topics including shifting government funding, succession planning, and inter-generational board/volunteer engagement.

Gayle is a graduate of DePaul University, College of Law and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

She can be reached at


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