Don’t Forget The Website



It is easy to get caught up in social media. After all creating an account is free and there are so many people on the sites. But, everyday there is a new social media tool, making it almost impossible for nonprofits to keep up. Further, creating a presence on each of the tools is not enough.

Corporations as well as nonprofits are considering their resources and target audience to determine which social tools are going to lead to the highest return. For example, currently, many smaller brands are leaving Facebook in search of other less expensive tools: . Nonprofits need to evaluate the social media opportunities to determine how to engage the most leaders and raise the maximum donations.

Many nonprofits get on social without goals. Instead they hire a tech savvy intern to create and staff the social media sites and  leaders focus on other opportunities. After all, the intern is on social media all of the time; they know what to do. But, how do nonprofits encourage viewers to donate and engage? On their website, wait when was the last time that was updated?

The goal of social is to drive visitors to the agency website to further educate them on the issues, engage them in the work, and to ask make to make a donation. The agency website remains the nonprofit’s most important internet face. But if the website is old, and dated, visitors will leave shortly after they arrive.

Often websites are the opposite of social, they are developed by a contractor, after much discussion over content and creation. Since the contractor developed the website usually only he can update it, or staff can only update small parts. Without the ability to keep the website current, nonprofits are losing potential leaders and donors. What are the elements of a strong website? What content belongs on the site and how often should it be updated? We will discuss that in our next post.


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