Agencies Market to Fulfill Need

Succession planning leads to organizational growth by creating space and inviting engagement of new leaders. In turn, new leaders strengthen the organization by connecting it, and the services it provides, to a bigger part of the community. New leaders also build more diverse revenue streams and enhance programs by introducing the organization to new donors and volunteers. These activities lead to stronger organizations serving more clients in need.

In this age of marketing, branding, and social media, nonprofit leaders sometimes see marketing as a dirty word. Nonprofits deliver services to eradicate need not market them. Indeed, many organizations claim they are the best kept secret. But, this is not a badge of honor, after all how can an organization eradicate need if no one knows about it or the need?

Most donors have many passions and support many organizations. They choose causes and organizations they want to be associated with. Donors can not build a relationship with an organization they don’t know about.

The Philanthropic community has learned many things from the corporate community from evaluation to efficiency. To succeed and grow, nonprofits need to get beyond being the “best kept secret.” What are the tools?

Today’s marketing experts have many tools at their disposal from print to social. Nonprofits can use these tools and stay true to their mission by introducing the cause and the organization to potential donors and leaders. Like the corporate world, nonprofits need new leaders to engage not just click a button. We will discuss how nonprofits build these relationships with new leaders and move the needle beyond the static “like” in future posts.


2 thoughts on “Agencies Market to Fulfill Need

  1. Hello. Interesting point. A non-profit should never be a best kept secret. I was thinking that some older generations aren’t willing to pass the baton to the ‘next’ generation. Too many secrets I guess. I hope that wasn’t off topic. Good article though.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree succession can be challenging. I cover many succession hurdles in other blog posts. I invite you to explore and let me know what you think.

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