Identify Stronger Methods of Communicating

A healthy organization needs strong avenues of communication. Some of these avenues are universal others develop spontaneously responding to organizational activity.  To be effective, avenues of communication need to reach across the entire organization from field volunteer to executive leadership, board member to line staff.

How do leaders know if the organization is communicating effectively? The attached survey can help.

Before sending it out, make sure you are reaching everyone in the organization. Are there regular volunteers that are integral to day-to-day organization function?  Do board members respond promptly to email? If you are using Survey Monkey, consider whether all staff members access a computer that reaches the internet on a daily basis. If not, create a 15 minute window for each staff member to privately access the survey.


1)   How well does the organization communicate information?

1         2         3          4          5          6         7          8         9       10

poorly                                                                                           well

2)   Do you feel you get the organizational information you need?   Yes        No

3)   How could the organization better communicate with you?

4)   How well does the organization solicit your ideas?

1         2         3          4          5          6         7          8         9       10

poorly                                                                                          well

5)   Do you feel like your opinion is valued?                 Yes         No

6)   When you have an idea to share, do you?             Yes         No        If yes, how?

7)   How would you increase communication within the organization?


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