The Who, What, How of Succession Planning


As an agency leader, you want to prepare the organization for leadership transition and need a road map. Creating these plans are challenging. There are more than one, with many moving pieces and issues to consider.

Getting started is important and communication is essential. What do you communicate? How often do you provide updates? And to whom do you communicate with?

Create realistic expectations with project goals and stage objectives.  How do you begin the discussion on the right foot? How do you know when you are ready for the next step? How do you stay on track?

Involve key players. Who should participate? What are their roles and responsibilities? What outside expertise is needed? How will the committee gain input from all parts of the organization?

Ready to begin the journey. How do you start the dialogue? How does the agency create staff leadership and board succession plans? What are the special issues for organizations with founding executive directors?  How do emergency, departure defined, and strategic leadership development succession plans fit together?

If the process gets sidetracked or delayed how do you regain momentum? How do you keep everyone connected? Should you appoint new committee members in mid stream?

Once the plans are complete, they need to be launched. How does the agency embark? How are the next generation of leaders engaged? How do you evaluate activities?

Succession planning is an opportunity to build the capacity of the organization. Addressing all of these issues will strengthen the agency and the services it provides. Let’s get started.


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